Songwriting Exhibition 2017


Everyone is a music maker!

As we rock into Spring, we want to celebrate our kids’ passion and creativity by letting their voices be heard! We’re calling on all of you to submit this year’s student and teacher originals and create recordings that will be cherished and shared for years to come. We also have an awesome array of prizes to give away this year!

Any and all songs are welcome! This year there are eight optional submission categories to help guide you and your students (including one for teachers who want to submit). All entries must be submitted by April 28, 2017!

Click any button below to get all the information you need to start the rockin’! Questions? Email [email protected].


Songwriting Resources


Songwriting Resources for Teachers

Songwriting Resources for Students

Recording Resources using
Garageband & Audacity

Music Will (formerly known as Little Kids Rock) teachers can benefit from our recent donation from Soundtrap for Education. Soundtrap is web-based Digital Audio Workspace that allows students to collaborate on music projects using loops, MIDI, and live audio. It also allows you to easily view student work, assign tasks, give feedback, and grade.

To create your school account for free on, please contact [email protected] to get the promo code or check the most recent Riff email.Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 2.56.32 PM


How to Submit


To be considered for prizes, compositions must be received by April 28, 2017. Songs not submitted through the online form will not be considered.

Each song must be submitted separately via the online form and contain the following:

  • Song Audio File – attached to the submission form as an MP3 OR you can paste a Soundcloud link (instructions here).
  • Songwriting Exhibition Release Form for each student participating (download release form)



To be considered for prizes, please follow these guidelines:

  • Songs must be at least 00:45 long
  • Each student is limited to three submissions
  • Teachers can accompany students but must make note on the entry form
  • Students may work collaboratively on songs but each will need to fill out their own Songwriting Exhibition Release.
  • Each song may be entered into only one category.

    Prizes and Awards


    Every child who participates will receive a special “Songwriter” bracelet and certificate of achievement. Music Will (formerly known as Little Kids Rock) will be having a special drawing to give away 10 V MINI Portable 25-Key USB-MIDI Controller for submitting programs! One lucky submitting teacher will win a $300 travel stipend to Modern Band Rockfest 2017!

    One (1) song from each grade level (elementary, middle, and high school) per category will receive grand prizes.

    8 Categories to submit to this year:

    1. General Submission – Songs outside the below categories
    2. Relationship Song – Songs from the heart about friendship, love, family or pets.
    3. Instrumental and Soloing – No words! just let the instrument do the talkin’ or take a rockin’ solo on any instrument. Download and record over any of the backing tracks on this page!
    4. Rap/Hip Hop – Spit rhymes over these provided tracks or create your own.
    5. Hobby or Interest or Theme Song – Write a song about what you like/things you like to do or create a theme song for any of those things!
    6. Electronic – All of the song’s parts created on a computer or tablet!
    7. Rewrite – Rewrite the lyrics over the chords of your favorite song!
    8. Teachers Only!* – Songs by Music Will (formerly known as Little Kids Rock) teachers
    9. *Teachers Only! category prize – One recipient will receive 5 instrument credits for their classroom and a V MINI Portable 25-Key USB-MIDI Controller.

    Grand prize recipients can choose from the following:epiphone pack

    • An electric guitar with amplifier, keyboard with stand, or an acoustic guitar (full or ¾ size).
    • If the song has more than one writer the max prize is two acoustic guitars per song.

    Get Inspired!

    Check out some selections from last year’s participants!